Years ago I asked God to send me a wife…

Years ago I asked God to send me a wife, for the Bible says “you have not because you ask not“. I told the Lord not just that I wanted a wife but even explained to him the kind of wife I was looking for.

I told him I wanted someone who is kind, tender, gentle, compassionate, loving, sincere, peaceful, generous, affectionate, understanding, passionate, warm, intelligent, humorous, sensual, and trustful. I even mentioned things I wanted her to be physically. And as time passed, I would add more things to this list of my heart desire for a wife.

Then one night in prayer God spoke to my heart and said… “Son I can not give you what you’ve asked me for.“ I said, “Why not Lord?“ He replied, “For I am a just God and a God of righteousness and all I do is just and right.“ I said, “Lord, I don’t understand why I cannot have what I have asked you for.“

He replied, “Then I will explain. It would not be just and right for me to grant to you your wish for I cannot give unto you something that you are not yourself. It would not be fair for me to grant unto you a person that is loving if you can sometimes be hateful, or someone that is kind if you can also be mean, someone that is a forgiver and yet you can still carry a grudge, someone that is sensitive and you are yet so insensitive… etc.

He said unto me, “Instead of wasting time trying to find someone or hoping that I will give you someone with all these qualities you seek, you should rather allow me to take this time to allow you to become all it is that you are looking for. For I cannot give to you that which you are not.“

“And if you allow me to work up on your spirit and to shape and mold your heart as I choose then when you see the one I have for you, you will be able to say like Adam said… “She is bone of my bone and she is flesh of my flesh“ for you will see yourself in her for you both will be one flesh.“

Keep this in mind.
This is for all:
the recently married;
the ones who have been married;
the soon to get married;
and the ones that are still looking.


God made woman from man’s rib —
not from his head to top him,
nor from his feet to be walked upon;
but from his side to be his partner in life,
from under his arm to be protected by him,
and from near his heart to be loved by him.

Whether or not you believe in God, much of the above still applies.


7 Responses to “Years ago I asked God to send me a wife…”

  1. beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  2. So in your opinion everyone who is happily married possesses the same characteristics of their mates? I believe it’s within marriage that we help each other to grow and be who God called us to be. If you marry someone who is more loving than you are, seeing how she treats others, should inspire you to do the same etc.

  3. So If I am Ugly I don’t and never deserve a beautiful woman?

    I don’t know why we want to sculpt a little God that fits our little imagination? God is way complex and far beyond our small mind.

    On the contrary, actually God should be giving you a loving wife just to teach you about love if you are hateful.

    By the way, God is not only JUST but also LOVE, so there are many things He freely gives even if we don’t deserve it.

  4. i don’t see her on your page, but I see text…thanks God for more bullshit, my faith is strengthened by your text 🙂 I hope yo and your site is obliterated 🙂 nope., I am not a moron who is in need of attention an dthat is why your bullshit faith works, because the act of interaction makes people feel better and get ot know you; I hate all about you and also about all who hate the faith; I look for real not sales people or deniers; I hope yo udeie P:) that was free, pay me for additional sermons 🙂 mgm

  5. advertising for whores 🙂 don’t fporget to tithe, or the charm doesn’t work; even if yo ustudy bitches

  6. fuck you and you4r mother, but please fuck mine first, she is dead and buried and believed you; and nope, Jacob iddn’t come back/. y family is dead, and I say, praise Jesus practically; amen, amen means so be it, mean I don’t want your help, I want you to die; I am 42 its too late, now if I want natural they say I am petaphile LMAO fuck faith, I will help you to die in spirit

  7. That was beautiful. Thank you for the insight. It goes along with “We attract what we are”. Life is full of mirrors. I’m sorry you had this previous douche comment before mine. Much love.

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