You never really stop loving someone…You just learn to try to live without them

I’m trying really hard not to cry over you
because every tear is just one
more reminder that I don’t know how to let you go.

It’s only after someone is gone do you
realize how much you miss them…

My friends are always telling
me to move on, to give up.
But why? Why should I?
They don’t see you the way that I see you.
They don’t look into your eyes and see the world.
Why would they understand?
They can’t possibly imagine what
it means to look at your best friend
and see all their hopes and dreams come true.
I wish for once, just once,
they could walk a mile in my shoes.
But they wouldn’t need to walk that far,
they would just take one step and suddenly,
they would take back every bit of
‘getting over you’ advice they had
ever given me and realize you’re my life,
you were meant for me,
and that moving on or giving up is simply not an option.

You never really stop loving someone.
You just learn to try to live without them

I really think there’s a reason that I love her so much.
Like something is telling me not to let her go.
Every time I follow my heart… it leads me to her.
I mean… what other explanation is there.
Why is it that she is all I can think about?
Why is it that no matter how upset I am…
I see her and I can’t help but smile?
Why is it that when she smiles at me…
I get that feeling in my stomach?
And even when she’d broken my heart,
and hurt me as much as anyone could ever hurt me…
when she lied to me… and I hated her…
why then did I still feel those same feelings?
Answer me that, and then I’ll tell you
why I let her hurt me so much.


Don’t keep running back to the
one person that you need to walk away from.


If I can’t have you, at least i was able to know I had you.

Someday you’ll know, that I was the one for you.

No one realizes the beauty of love, until you lose it.

If the human body can live with food and water,
then why does it feel like I can’t live without you?



9 Responses to “You never really stop loving someone…You just learn to try to live without them”

  1. Hmmm wow.. i thought i was a good writer.. but you just amazed me..
    and you literally wrote what i am thinking..

  2. wow powerful words… that pretty much sums up my situation now. That’s almost exactly what’s going on through my mind at the moment.

  3. Wow!!! That was really strong and hits right on to a certain degree. I think what your saying a lot of people can relate too but it almost seems like infatuation.

  4. […] Disappointment, Pain, Physical Attraction Found this really interesting article about how “You never really stop loving someone…You just learn to try to live without them” I think the meaning behind it is really strong and hits right on certain times. I believe a lot of […]

  5. Wow this really helped me.I just felt like a love sick puppy but this article actully helped my situation.Like whatever …… told me to do I did it because I couldn’t help myself.

  6. I believe people get together because God put them together no matter for how long or short. If God put you there, then you must have had a reason to be there. God always say have patience and persevere, I don’t think I’ve ever read bout Him saying give up and let go. Jesus was a good example of how to love someone even though they want to leave or they hate you. He continued loving unconditionally. So, I’m going through this phase in my life now when the guy I love gave up and left, but I still love him and I don’t know whether to stay and love him or give up and move on. Feel like running away but I still believe God says don’t give up. Love patiently. I read somewhere that giving up comes from seeds of doubt and fear and humans trying to rationalize the things they cannot fathom and trying to put themselves first before others. Most of God’s lessons and gifts are things you can’t see immediately. Thus the meaning of the verse ” Trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5. Since I can’t decide what to do at the moment, I think I just gonna stay and take Jesus’s example.

  7. This is one of the most insightful writings I have read about relationships, strain, not letting go, missing someone who treated you badly. I feel like I’m not alone in this world anymore. Like someone else has felt my pain and I’m not a freak anymore for still being in love with the worst person for me on this planet.
    I was having questions about why I still love this person, ect. stuff like that..anyway thanks for this.

  8. when will u stop loving someone?
    when u have no more tears to cry?
    or when ur hurting too much that u wish to die?

    when will u stop loving someone?
    when u feel he’s not the one u’ve met before?
    or when he tells u he doesnt care anymore..

    when will u stop loving someone?
    can u show me how to forget his name?
    will u help me before i go insane..

  9. It sounds like one of felicity’s quotes, Felicity was a TV series long time ago.

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